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D-10 Therapeutics, Inc.

Welcome to D-10 Therapeutics, the advanced Biotechnology Startup Company paving the way to the future. We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. We believe that our sophisticated technology has the potential to become an industry sensation. Would you like to find out more? Explore our website today and contact us.

D-10 Therapeutics, Inc.

Our Goal

    We are an early stage biotech company that has created a monoclonal antibody(s) for the treatment of Sickle Cell Disease.  We are targeting a receptor that has ubiquitous possibilities. 

   Our goal is to provide the global village access to compounds that improve patients' quality of life and outcomes through our novel scientific technology. 

   D-10 strives to make our monoclonal antibody(s) available at an affordable price for the patient population that we serve.


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Our Innovative Technology

      D-10 is developing a novel therapy to treat sickle cell disease, which is an orphan indication with limited and sometimes life-threatening treatments available today.

      D-10 Therapeutics aims to develop a treatment that prevents damage to the blood vessels by preventing the Sickle cells from binding to blood vessel walls by blocking the receptors that cause the Sickle cells to adhere to the blood vessels. This treatment would also induce the relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the blood vessels which in turn widens the space for blood cells to travel.

      By delivering a disease-modifying treatment, D-10 is changing the course of Sickle Cell Disease treatment and presenting a solution to a multibillion-dollar market.

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Sickle Cell Disease 

      Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic blood disorder caused by the homozygosity for abnormal hemoglobin – hemoglobin S (HbS) – also known as sickle hemoglobin.

      Sickle Cell Disease symptoms are caused by deformed sickle-shaped blood cells that stick to vascular walls causing blockage of blood vessels (vascular-occlusion) resulting in painful and life-threatening health conditions such as strokes, acute chest syndrome and organ failure.
      Sickle Cell Disease is a chronic disease and our compounds have the potential to treat Sickle Cell Disease as a chronic disease while mitigating the most critical paths of its pathology. There will be an enormous global need for this therapy which will open up an enormous global market.
      There is an opportunity to meet an unmet global need and alter the course of Sickle Cell Disease, by improving overall treatment, care, and quality of life for millions of people, especially young children.
      A number of organizations are coming together to address this issue and each has important assets to help advance a comprehensive sickle cell disease action plan. We intend on being one of the integral organizations making a serious clinical and economic difference.

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The D-10 Therapeutics, Inc. Team

Who’s Who

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Brent Watson

CFO & Co-Founder and Head-Corporate Development

      Brent coordinates D-10’s strategic business development and marketing plan. He also works to identify and secure new collaborations with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for implementation of drug delivery and technology platform products.     

      Brent’s academic and professional background prepared him to perform market research and analysis to discover potential collaboration opportunities and new market opportunities to introduce our technology. Moreover another key role is to ensure achievement of milestones and overall development and growth of the company.

       Brent also brings skills acquired from more than 25 years prior experience as a Financial and Business Advisor. He has advised small business owners and Senior Management on strategic business development ideas including joint ventures and financing structures. Brent also has assessed client business plans and financial needs, facilitating introductions to investors for early and later-stage funding, and has facilitated introductions to large corporates for partnering and /or M&A. Prior Professional experience includes Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch, other roles at Morgan Stanley, GLW Associates Inc., International Business Development, and Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP.



Portfolio of Work

D-10 Therapeutics Technology Platforms

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Louis Jefferson

CEO & Founder, Head of R&D

      Louis Jefferson’s medical training at the University of Toledo, School of Medicine and graduate education at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health as well as the University of Connecticut, School of Pharmacy has been instrumental in developing his multidisciplinary approach to clinical research, pharmacology, and medicine. This includes pharmacological studies of G-protein coupled receptors, signal transduction mechanisms, and immunohistochemistry to identify and answer scientific questions related to the development of monoclonal antibodies to treat sickle cell disease as well as other rare and chronic diseases.

   For 20+ years, Louis has provided global senior leadership in clinical research development for such companies as Pfizer, Amgen, and Bayer. His therapeutic areas of expertise of drug and biologics discovery include infectious disease, oncology, CNS, pain management, assay development, gastrointestinal disorders, rare diseases, nephrology and hematology.

    Louis’ long-term goal is to lead independent research programs focused on the development of viable advanced non-invasive medical solutions for the medically underserved. To serve this purpose, Louis has established the company D-10 Therapeutics, Inc. 


Metasebya Solomon

Co-Founder and CSO

      Dr. Solomon is an accomplished research scientist with 10+ years of experience in biomedical research and development. 

       Dr. Solomon is the Chief Scientific Officer and serve as a bridge by bringing her deep understanding of academic research with the healthcare research industry. She leads the strategic engagement with our academic and industry research collaborators for meaningful outcomes in Sickle Cell Disease research.

       Dr. Solomon's goal is to contribute to biomedical research that focuses on the targeted development of essential medical technologies. Her aim is to achieve this by bringing the influences of real-world evidence in design solutions to improve treatment effects and outcomes. Ultimately, she seeks to develop treatments to help each individual achieve their full health and human potential.  

       She earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin in Biomedical Engineering with digital applications focus.


Sickle Cell Disease

Vasodilation & Prevention of Vascular-Occlusion


Prevention of Scarring


Physical Address:1124 West Carson
MRL Building, 3rd Floor
Torrance, CA 90502


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